If you’re struggling to get new listings, these two methods will help you.

The latest market update came out at the beginning of the month, and surprise surprise, inventory remains at record lows. Listings are gold. Our team has represented over 77 sellers already this year—a full 100% more than we did in 2020. Today I’ll share two approaches you can use now to get listings in our current market.

First, If you have a database full of qualified buyers and no properties to show them, try matching your buyers with potential sellers that haven’t listed yet.

Our agents have over 1,000 buyers in our database ready to make a purchase in the next 90 days. They are able to easily filter these buyers by the type of property they’re looking for and make calls to prospective sellers that match our buyers’ criteria. Here’s an example: Through a quick filter of our database, I can see we have 75 buyers whom our agents have qualified that want a home in one of the PGA West communities. They’re looking for three beds, three baths, and a minimum of 2,500 square feet.

“These have both been very effective strategies for us.”

We can then go to our local title rep and request contact info for all the three-bed, three-bath homes over 2,500 square feet in PGA West that haven’t sold in the last two to three years. We make sure and scrub the list we receive through the national do-not-call list, and then we start calling sellers to connect with our 75 buyers. It has been a very effective strategy.

The second way to get listings now solves one main concern that we are hearing from many of our potential home sellers. The concern is, “Where will I move if I sell now?”

A bridge loan could be the answer for your clients. We have a lender that offers a bridge loan product to qualified Jelmberg Team clients that allows our buyers to make all-cash offers. Then they’re able to beat out every other buyer who is subject to getting a mortgage and skip the hassle of timing closing dates.

For several thousand dollars of interest, your client can get cash upfront to buy their next home now without selling their current home first. Reach out to your preferred lender to see if they provide this kind of product.

If you have any other questions about the business or would like to have a no-obligation, one-on-one meeting with me, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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